Tips for Announcing Your Office Relocation

Changing offices can be an exciting moment for a business. Ideally, the move is happening because of growth and success within the company, necessitating a shift to a more significant, better location. 

That said, relocating your office comes with many hurdles to overcome. One critical factor to consider is announcing the relocation. Here is a four-step plan to make this announcement successfully. 

Step One: Plan Logistics and Prepare Answers to Questions

Determine the move logistics before making the announcement (if possible). The primary reason for doing this is to answer any questions that may come up. 

Some issues that employees may need to know about include: 

  • Timeline – How long will the transition take? 
  • Operations – Will the move disrupt the company, or will everything be business-as-usual during the move? 
  • Accommodations – What will the new space look like, and how will it benefit the employees? 

Step Two: Notify Employees Well In Advance

Your staff members will need time to adjust to the new location. So, it’s best to notify them as soon as possible. Ideally, you can announce the news at least a couple of months before moving. This way, there’s enough time to address any concerns and work out any kinks that you may not have considered. 

When notifying employees, be sure to bring everyone on board simultaneously. If possible, use a company-wide event to share the news. Alternatively, an internal memo or notification can ensure that all employees know what to expect. Then, they can reach out to managers or supervisors for more information. 

Step Three: Publicize Your Move

Changing addresses can be time-consuming for businesses because you need to update the details across various channels. In addition, everyone from vendors to clients will need to know where to find you. 

Before publicizing the transition, list all the different entities that need this information. Start with crucial elements like financial institutions and vendors. Anyone who sends you mail should know as soon as possible. 

From there, you can publicize your move online through social media and other channels. However, you should only make the public aware of front-facing offices, such as storefronts and customer service centers. 

Step Four: Get Feedback From Employees

Finally, after you announce your upcoming transition, be sure to ask employees what they think. This feedback can be valuable because workers may bring up issues you missed. In addition, you want to frame the move as a positive relocation and highlight the benefits that employees can expect. Doing this will make the shift more efficient since everyone will be on board and enthusiastic about the change. 

Another benefit of soliciting feedback is that you can notify individuals and teams about what they need to do before, during, and after moving. Coordinating all of your employees can be challenging, so you want to bring them up to speed as quickly as possible. 

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