Where to Experience Arts and Culture in Nashua, NH

Are you considering relocating to Nashua, New Hampshire? This lovely New England city is packed with things to do and see — and full of opportunities to experience local arts and culture.

New Hampshire’s second-largest city has topped several “best place to live” lists recently, and it’s not hard to see why. Nestled between two rivers and rich in history, Nashua is a great place to live, work, and play. Here are some favorite venues in which to take in local culture.

Court Street Theatre

This downtown institution has been entertaining Nashua for more than five decades. The Court Street Theatre is housed in a historic firehouse building that dates back to the mid-19th century, making every performance extra special. Here, you can catch a performance by the Peacock Players, Nashua Theater Guild, and Nashua Symphony Orchestra. With 150 seats and a full schedule of events, shows at this venue are a great way to experience local culture.

Nashua Public Library

There’s always something to do, see, or learn at the Nashua Public Library. Almost every day of the week, you’ll find activities, classes, presentations, and community gatherings, making it the perfect place to meet other Nashua residents. You can join a book club, take a class, meet with the coin club, play chess, listen to a talk, take the kids to story time, or watch a musical performance. The Nashua Library also hosts local and regional artists in its art gallery, which offers six exhibits per year.

Nashua Center for the Arts

The Nashua Center for the Arts opens its doors in April of 2023. This modern facility will host a year-round schedule of live performances, including concerts, plays, ballet recitals, and orchestral and symphony productions. Conveniently located in downtown Nashua, the Center serves as a community hub and home for the arts.

City Arts Nashua

City Arts Nashua is a volunteer-run non-profit that promotes the arts in and around Nashua. The City Arts facilitates several art and culture events throughout the year, including the annual Art Walk that turns downtown Nashua into a gallery filled with unique creations. Visit City Arts Nashua’s two locations to see artists at work.

Nashua Fine Craft Gallery

Operated by the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, the Nashua Fine Craft Gallery offers events, instruction, and a wide range of local artisans’ work. For example, you can take a basket weaving, stained glass, or jewelry-making class. Or, browse a stunning array of fine crafts, such as pottery, turned wood, blown glass, fiber and textiles, photographs, paintings, metalwork, and much more. 

The Gallery offers a series of special events throughout the year, all to promote creativity.

Art Gallery at Rivier University

Located on campus, the Rivier University Art Gallery offers exhibitions that complement the school’s programming. Exhibits change throughout the year and focus on seasonally themed art or work by local and regional artists. Admission is free.

Moving Made Easy

It’s easy (and fun) to explore the art and culture in Nashua. So, if you’re planning a move to Nashua, we can help. Contact us today to learn about our full-service moving solutions.

5 Tips to Allow Your Movers Access on Moving Day

Moving companies face challenges when gaining access to homes and apartments during a move. It is, however, possible for homeowners and renters to ensure moving crews have safe access to their property.

These tips will help you overcome the most significant barriers movers face during household moves.

1. Maintain Safe Driveways and Walkways

Things like uneven surfaces and loose rocks pose risks when accessing a home. For instance, the ground shifts, the asphalt deteriorates, and driveways can crack. Your moving estimator can take steps to deal with these situations, so point them out. These are particularly important in older neighborhoods. Reduce risks to moving crews and property by ensuring everyone is aware.

2. Remove Leaves, Snow, and Ice From the Curbside

A significant challenge during fall and winter, especially in northern states, is leaves and snow piles along the curb. 

Clearing the area will help the move go more smoothly and safely. When wet, leaves can be extremely slippery, posing a hazard to those walking on them. Even leaves that appear dry may have moisture beneath.

Having snow on the ground is an obvious obstacle, as the moving van may need help to pull close enough to the curb to allow cars to pass. The movers may also have difficulty transporting items to the truck due to snow piles. The street should be clear enough to park, and the movers must be able to reach the residence from the road.

3. Provide Street Access

Keeping a moving van on the street for extended periods may require permits in some cities and towns. Since moving vans qualify as large vehicles, you must ensure that you have the correct authorization. It may be necessary to park the moving van too far away from the moving location, or in some cases, it may not be allowed to park there at all, depending on your permit. Inquire about it with your movers.

Depending on your situation, you may need to ask neighbors ahead of time to keep the street clear to allow room for the moving truck. This applies to your current home and your new one.

4. Ensure Building Access

Generally, building management sets moving times for apartments and condos and requires movers to reserve elevators and loading dock access in advance. To ensure moves can take place smoothly, contact building management to learn about the requirements and schedule your move when loading docks and elevators are available.

5. Consider Other Factors

Look for anything that may cause a hazard along the route the movers will take between your home and the moving truck. For example, you can assist movers by pointing out hard landscaping and exposed roots. 

Remove other items before the movers arrive, such as children’s toys and downed branches.

Moving Smart

In addition to hiring movers, you can help speed up your move by ensuring safe access between your residence and the moving van. 

We will provide you with a free estimate if you plan a move. Contact us today.