FF&E Moving & Installation for
Education, Medical & Hospitality Institutions

At McLaughlin Mayflower, we have a record of handling the most difficult institutional relocations, including hospitals, libraries and schools. We’re able to handle any challenge without misplacing a bed, getting a book out of order, or scratching a desk.

We have decades of expertise and have provided moving services for some of the highest-profile institutions in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

School & Library Relocations

Our team approaches school and library relocations with meticulous care and attention to detail. We understand the importance of these institutions in the community and the need for a smooth, efficient transition. 

Whether it’s a small local library or a large educational institution, our experienced crew is trained in handling delicate items such as books and educational and technological equipment. Our objective is to ensure that every item reaches its destination in the same condition it was in prior to the move. We provide comprehensive planning and coordination to minimize disruption, enabling these establishments to return to their vital work in the community as quickly as possible.

Hospital & Medical Relocations 

Hospital and clinic relocations pose unique challenges that require specialized expertise and careful handling. At McLaughlin Mayflower, we approach these sensitive moves with the same precision and care as we do with school and library relocations. Aware of the critical role these healthcare facilities play in the community, we ensure minimal disruption to services during the transition. 

Our experienced team is trained in moving sensitive medical equipment and hospital furniture, with an unyielding commitment to maintaining their pristine condition. Comprehensive planning, efficient coordination, and meticulous execution characterize our approach to hospital and clinic relocations, enabling these healthcare providers to resume their essential services swiftly and seamlessly.

Hotel & Hospitality Moves

With experience in the hospitality sector, McLaughlin Mayflower understands the intricate needs of hospitality relocations. Whether it’s a luxury resort, a fine dining establishment, or a boutique hotel, our team provides meticulous FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) delivery and installation. We coordinate with interior designers, architects, and project managers to ensure a seamless transition with minimal downtime. 

Our trained staff carefully handles everything from furniture and kitchen appliances to delicate art pieces and light fixtures. Our goal is to ensure that the ambiance, functionality, and comfort of these establishments are preserved or even enhanced during the relocation, enabling them to continue offering their guests an exceptional experience.

When you trust your institutional move to McLaughlin, you know:

  • A dedicated Move Coordinator will oversee your entire moving process
  • We’ll pack, crate, move and re-locate everything with the utmost care
  • We’ll make sure everything gets to where it belongs
  • We’ll make sure downtime is minimized

Even if you’re only moving something from one floor to another, let us move it for you!