5 Don’t Miss Restaurants in Concord, New Hampshire

When you’re moving to a new town — or even just visiting — trying out local eateries is one of the best parts of the experience. Concord, New Hampshire, is no exception. This lovely New England town has restaurants, cafes, and bistros to tempt your taste buds.

Whether craving fine dining or farm-to-table fare, Concord, NH, eateries fit the bill. We’ve put together five top-rated restaurants in Concord to make it easy to find your new favorite.

The Barley House and Tavern

Have you got a taster for an award-winning burger? Then head to The Barley House and Tavern. Since 2020, this local gathering spot in downtown Concord, NH,  has been known for its live entertainment and those “best of” burgers. Dine outside on the patio when the sun is shining, or head to the B-Lounge to play pool, watch the big game, and listen to live music. Enjoy menu items with some Irish flair, and pick the perfect libation from an extensive selection of craft beer and cocktails.

Angelina’s Ristorante Italiano

For an intimate dining experience, enjoy lunch or dinner at Angelina’s Ristorante Italiano. You’ll find it on Angelina’s robust menu, whether you’re in the mood for pasta, seafood, or classic Italian dishes like chicken parmigiana, veal piccata, or risotto. This eatery also offers meatless dishes. Angelina’s is often packed, with 12 tables, so you must make reservations in advance.

Col’s Kitchen

If you’re avoiding meat and dairy — or simply trying to get more plant-based foods into your diet — that’s where Col’s Kitchen comes in. This vegan eatery offers home-cooked, plant-based goodness. Dishes are sourced from local ingredients and designed to be hearty. Col’s Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner and provides a range of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and entrees. Don’t miss the dessert menu, with offerings like apple cider donuts, macarons, and pie shakes featuring seasonal fruits.

Granite Restaurant and Bar at the Centennial Hotel

If you’re craving American food with an innovative flair, reserve a table at the Granite Restaurant and Bar in the Centennial Hotel. With a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, the menus are designed around modern American cuisine, with a touch of French and Mediterranean influence. Granite Restaurant and Bar is the perfect spot for a special dinner and offers an extensive wine list.

Revival Kitchen and Bar

Do you enjoy fine dining but prefer a more approachable atmosphere? Then check out Revival Kitchen & Bar. A creation of award-winning chef Corey Fletcher, Revival Kitchen & Bar focuses on classic New England fare with a farm-to-table focus. Ingredients are sourced from local farmers and artisans, making it a true foodie destination. But this Concord restaurant is also known for its warm, welcoming ambiance and affordable pricing. Though it may be fine dining, no formal attire is necessary here.

Moving Experience

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Pets and Moving: Reduce Their Stress Using These Ideas

Consider the impact moving has on your pets if you think it’s stressful for people. Dogs and cats have a unique sense that allows them to anticipate life-changing events. As soon as boxes and packing supplies appear, pets become anxious. 

Here are some suggestions to help your beloved furry friends cope with moving stress.

Select a Home You Both Will Love

Consider how much space your pets require when you are looking for a house or apartment. Before signing a contract, you should consider

  • How much space do they need? 
  • Would a yard be preferable for your dog? 
  • Is the area suitable and secure for your pets?
  • Are there places nearby to walk with your dog? 

Packing Tips With Pets

Anxiety in pets is common during the packing process. Therefore, you should start packing a few weeks before your moving day. Give yourself plenty of time to pack slowly. 

Put the boxes in a separate room where the pets can’t reach them. First, maintain as much of a regular schedule as possible to keep them busy. Then, gradually introduce the rest of the packing supplies and have them become accustomed to them.

Prepare for the Trip

You should always keep your pets in crates or carriers during the relocation trip. Even during a short move, crates are essential to prevent them from escaping or becoming a distraction for the driver. Therefore, introduce a crate gradually if your pet needs to be crate-trained or isn’t used to one.

Get them used to being in the crate. Put some treats or food inside the crate to entice your pet inside. After each successful crate session, treat them. 

Once the pet is comfortable in the crate, you can gradually introduce them to short car trips. This will ease the transition into car travel with your pet in the crate carrier. Moving day will go much more smoothly if you put in the time and effort to practice.

Plan for a Pet Sitter

When a lot of disruptive activity is going on, pets become anxious. Have a trusted friend or pet sitter care for them on your moving day to ease their anxiety. This will prevent them from getting in the movers’ way and keep them safe. Plan for them to stay with a friend at their house, or set up a “safe room” in your own home, free of packing materials and other potential dangers.

Prepare Your New House for Your Pets

Strive to make your new house 100% pet-proof by taking precautions in every room. Also, examine the entire perimeter of your yard’s fence for any openings they could use to get away.

If your pets are coming along for the move, keeping them in a separate room while you unpack so they can feel comfortable in their new surroundings without being in the way is best.

When unpacking, it’s essential to eliminate anything harmful, like chemicals, trash, or human food.

Tips for Calming Pets

Pets will be unfamiliar with the new space, but letting them explore too soon can make them uneasy. Instead, place the food and water in a quiet area away from the unpacking areas, and show them where to find them. Pets’ “home bases” should be stocked with all the essentials, including litter for cats, pee pads for dogs, and a selection of their favorite toys.

Make sure your dog is always on a leash. Your dog may experience anxiety in a new setting and attempt to run away. In addition, it will take your dog some time to learn the boundaries of your new home.

Once your pet has settled in and adjusted to your home, you can start introducing them to larger areas. Of course, they’ll feed off your worries, so being patient is critical. Keeping your cool will help ease the stress on your pet.

Plan a Successful Relocation With Your Pets

Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, we’re your solution! Contact us today for a quote and more information.

5 Must-See Historical Sites in Lowell, MA

Are you considering a trip or possible relocation to Lowell, Massachusetts? Great choice; this scenic New England town has much to offer visitors and residents alike.

But Lowell, MA, is an exceptional destination for anyone interested in history. The past comes to life here through the town’s many fascinating museums. So whether planning a vacation to Lowell or considering moving, here are a few favorite historical sites.

1. Lowell National Historical Park, 246 Market Street, Lowell, MA

As a textile manufacturing center, the Lowell area was instrumental in New England’s industrialization. Learn about this pivotal era at the Lowell National Historical Park. Stroll through the once-bustling textile mills, float down the canals, or take a guided tour of Lowell’s historical sites.

2. National Streetcar Museum at Lowell, 25 Shattuck Street, Lowell, MA

If you love trains, public transportation, railroads, or all of the above, stop by the National Streetcar Museum at Lowell. Here you’ll find interactive activities and exhibits for all ages, with plenty of hands-on experiences for the younger set.

In 1864, the first trolley ran from the city center to more distant Lowell neighborhoods; horses pulled this early streetcar. Time your visit between May and October, and you can even take a free ride on the downtown Lowell streetcar — it’s named “Desire,” of course!

3. Boott Cotton Mills, 115 John Street, Lowell, MA

Travel back to Lowell’s industrial past at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum. For 120 years, the site was a center for textile production in the region. Today, the museum memorializes the engineers and workers who transformed the region’s economy in the 19th century.

Exhibits include the weave room, which still produces cotton cloth, and photos, videos, and interactive exhibits that bring the industrial revolution to life. Stop by the Boott Theater to watch a movie about this era of rapid change, and take advantage of the gift store on the way out for a selection of educational souvenirs and books.

4. New England Quilt Museum, 18 Shattuck St, Lowell, MA 

There’s nothing quite as cozy as snuggling up in a hand-sewn quilt. Explore the art of this homespun craft at the New England Quilt Museum. You can see stunning examples of quilting across the generations, including antique pieces. If you have quilting questions, the on-site library may have the answers.

5. Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center, 40 French Street, Lowell, MA

At the Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center, you’ll get an up-close look at the everyday life of people who lived and worked in Lowell during the industrial revolution. Take advantage of the Mill Girls and Immigrants Exhibit to learn about the workers who ran Lowell’s mills. The Center also hosts a series of performances, such as the Angkor Dance Troupe.

There’s so much for history buffs to see, do and learn in Lowell.

Are you moving to the Lowell, MA, area soon? Contact us today to learn how we can help make your move smooth and stress-free.

5 Fascinating Museums Near Concord, NH

Whether planning a visit or moving to Concord, NH, this New England area has much to offer. There’s always something happening in New Hampshire’s capital city, whether you enjoy festivals, sporting events, shopping, or dining.

But history buffs will especially love the many museums and historical sites in and around Concord, NH  — here, the region’s rich past comes to life. Read on to learn about the top places to explore Concord’s history.

Canterbury Shaker Village

Canterbury Shaker Village has stood for over two centuries since its founding in 1792. Today, the Village encompasses almost 700 acres of land and has 30 preserved historic buildings. Experience daily life from days past as you tour the Meeting House, Spin Shop, Carpenter’s House, Schoolhouse, Syrup Shop, and more. Marvel at the Shakers’ famous woodworking craftsmanship and explore the gardens and walking trails that crisscross the property.

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center

This education center, located in Concord, NH,  is dedicated to the memory of space pioneers Christa McAuliffe and Alan Shepard. At the McAulifee-Shepart Discovery Center, you can uncover the history of U.S. space exploration through exhibits like the “Mount Washington Shaky Shack,” a replica of an early 20th-century mountain cabin that allowed for early wind speed observations. In addition, see artifacts from the early life of astronaut Alan Sheppard, relive the excitement of the space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., and learn about New Hampshire’s contributions to the moon landing in the “To The Moon!” exhibit. You’ll also find modern-day displays here, focusing on engineering and technology.

Longyear Museum

Explore the life and times of Mary Baker Eddy, founder, and leader of the Christian Scientists, at the Longyear Museum in Chestnut Hill, NH. Housed in a historic home, the museum documents Eddy’s activities through artifacts, artworks, documents, photographs, and more. It’s a fascinating glimpse into an early 20th-century movement that spread across the globe.

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

Learn about the culture of New Hampshire’s first inhabitants, as well as Native peoples from around North America, at the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner, NH. Marvel at galleries filled with traditional art, such as the 100 Years of Hopi Katsina Carvings exhibit and artifacts from indigenous peoples around the country. Walk the grounds at the museum and explore the Medicine Woods and the Janeway Arboretum. Educational tours are available upon request.

New England Racing Museum

Located onsite at the New England Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH, the New England Racing Museum is a don’t-miss attraction for anyone who loves cars, motorcycles, and racing. Here you’ll find a collection of racecars and motorbikes connected to New England racing. Round out your visit by checking out photographs, trophies, engines, racing attire, and other artifacts on display. Highlights include a restored Edmunds sprint car from the mid-1960s and a Talladega winner from 1981.

Old North Cemetery

Though it’s not technically a museum, history enthusiasts will want to stroll through Concord’s oldest cemetery. Old North Cemetery was established in 1730 before Concord, NH, was the state capital. Many prominent historical figures, including President Franklin Pierce, lie at rest in this picturesque setting.

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8 Benefits of Hiring Full-Service Movers

Full-service movers can make relocating a breeze! From box packing to moving furniture, full-service movers have the experience and know-how to handle almost everything. 

Here are eight reasons to work with a full-service moving company.

1. Less Stress and Worry

Moving is stressful because it’s so much work, and there’s often a limited time to finish it. When you hire a full-service moving company, your movers can handle a significant portion of your relocation, and they’ll know how to do it right. In addition, the right relocation experts are trained to complete the work efficiently and safely. This means there’s much less to worry about when hiring full-service movers.

2. More Time to Focus on Your Relocation

Packing can take many hours if you’re doing it yourself. If you’re packing without the assistance of movers, give yourself a lot of time. That’s less time to focus on other aspects of your relocation, like finding a job, a new house, setting up utilities, settling in your new community, and more. When you have full-service movers working for you, you’ll have far more time to dedicate to the other aspects of moving.

3. Everything Is Packed Properly

Full-service movers use all the suitable packing materials, from bubble wrap to furniture pads and moving blankets, to complete the job. With everything packed correctly, you know our possessions will be safe and arrive at their destination in good condition.

4. Cost Efficient

Full-service moving may be more cost-efficient than you imagine. Full-service moving companies keep their prices affordable by getting the work done quickly, much faster than it would take untrained professionals to get the job done. Given how much time it will save, full-service moving is surprisingly cost-effective!

5. Safety

Moving can be dangerous for someone untrained. It’s easy to lift a box incorrectly and hurt your back, and it’s easy to fall while carrying piles of heavy boxes. Falls, overheating, pulled muscles – all these problems can happen during relocation.

6. Move Coordination

 A personal move coordinator is invaluable and can help guide you through every step of your move and answer any questions. With so many other things going on during your move, having one point of contact from start to finish lets you rest easier.

7. Add-On Services 

Full-service movers are often able to tailor a moving plan to your needs. Make sure your full-service movers can provide you with these services

  • Storage
  • Packing services
  • Unpacking
  • Custom crating
  • Debris removal

8. Customizable Solutions

Professional moving companies offer customized services to enhance your move experience. Every move is unique, so finding movers that meet your timeline and needs is essential. Whether you need partial or full packing or help packaging fragile or specialty items, your full-service mover can help with custom crating, car shipping, and more.

Hire a Full-Service Moving Company Today

Moving is better when you hire a full-service moving company. Find out why working with a full-service moving company can transform your relocation experience. Contact us to schedule a quote on your upcoming relocation. 

5 Ways to Avoid Procrastinating Your Moving Tasks

Preparing for a residential move can be challenging, especially when completing everything takes weeks or months. It can be easy to put it off until closer to moving day.

Of course, procrastination can be a problem. For example, you can’t postpone your move date because you aren’t ready.

Here are five ways to minimize procrastination for your moving tasks.

1. Set Reasonable Goals

Many people procrastinate because they feel overwhelmed. For example, if your goals are too ambitious, you might notice that you procrastinate because you feel like you can’t reach them.

Set goals that you can achieve. Assume that you will have occasional setbacks. Revisit your moving schedule, and make changes if your original plan isn’t sustainable.

2. Make a Choice

Sometimes, decision paralysis is the first step to procrastination. However, creating a set of simple choices could be an easy way out.

Pick two moving tasks that you need to accomplish. Give yourself the option to do one first and the other later. If you dread a particular task, consider breaking it up into pieces.

When you select options, ensure each is similar in complication or time. That way, you’re not setting yourself up to fail a particular task.

3. Plan an Incentive

Most people feel accomplished when they finish a task. It’s even better to give yourself a little incentive to keep going.

Build in a few prizes for making good progress. They don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

For example, reward a solid week of packing with a day off to do something you enjoy. Aim for incentives that help to refresh you for the work you still need to do.

4. Prepare For Delays

When making a moving checklist, you might not anticipate delays. At the beginning of the process, the excitement of moving may make it seem like nothing could go wrong. But, of course, things can and will go wrong.

It’s better to build in time for delays. For example, you might run out of boxes and need a day or two to get more. Or, packing a particular room could take longer than you expect.

Set reasonable benchmarks for progress, and leave a cushion if you can. You’ll find it easier to catch up that way.

5. Start Fresh

You will have days when your procrastination wins, and you don’t get as much done as you plan. The next day, it’s better to start fresh.

Avoid rehashing everything that you did wrong. Focusing on mistakes can create a negative feedback loop, making it even harder to motivate yourself.

Instead, treat each day as a new opportunity to complete items on your list. Give yourself the space you need to begin with optimism.

Get Moving Help

Moving is a complicated set of tasks, and procrastinating is easy. These tips can help. Contact us for more information about scheduling your upcoming move. We can help take care of things and reduce your anxiety.

Hit the Slopes at These New Hampshire Ski Resorts

Are you considering moving to New Hampshire? For anyone who loves snow activities, New Hampshire is the perfect place! After all, New Hampshire’s White Mountains are the tallest peaks in the Eastern United States — and that means you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and other snow sports.

As a bonus, New Hampshire’s dozen or so ski resorts are just a short distance from one another, so you’ll have plenty of options within convenient driving distance. Here are a few favorite places to hit the slopes and explore in New Hampshire.

Pats Peak

Founded in 1963, family-owned and operated Pats Peak offers affordable pricing and runs for all ability levels. Located 25 miles from Concord, NH, Pats Peak has nine glade areas with 11 lifts providing access to almost 30 trails and slopes. With a vertical drop of 770 feet, there’s something for everyone here, with about half the mountain appropriate for beginners and the rest a mix of intermediate, advanced, and expert. Pats Peak also has an advanced snowmaking system to guarantee great snow all winter long. And, unlike many other resorts, 100 percent of the mountain is lit for night skiing, making it easy to hit the slopes after work. The resort also hosts off-season summer weddings and receptions. Wedding options include ceremonies and receptions at the base of the mountain and a Summit Ceremony Skyride Package to wed on the summit of Pats Peak.

Gunstock Mountain Resort

Boasting a 1,340-foot vertical drop and 55 trails, Gunstock Mountain Resort, less than an hour from Concord, NH, is one of the larger resorts in the region. Head to the top for stunning views of Lake Winnipesaukee from 2,200 feet. Gunstock Mountain offers separate areas for novice skiers and a highly reviewed learning program. Most of the mountain suits intermediate and advanced skiers, with a few black-diamond runs in the mix. Throw in 22 acres of freestyle terrain, a large Nordic park, and a tubing hill, and it’s easy to see why this resort is so popular with locals. Some off-season resort activities include camping, zip lines, and hiking.

Ragged Mountain Resort

Just outside Danbury, and less than an hour from Concord, NH, Ragged Mountain Resort boasts 250 skiable acres and 57 trails. It’s also got one of the area’s only six-person, high-speed chairlifts. With a 1,250-foot vertical drop, there are trails for all levels at Ragged Mountain; difficulty levels range from novice to advanced. Beginners will particularly appreciate the two courses at the top of the mountain, a rare feature at most ski resorts that place beginner trails lower. In addition, the resort offers slope-side lodging for those who want to take a snowy staycation. Ragged Mountain Resort also boasts several venues for summertime weddings and celebrations.

Crotched Mountain Resort

New Hampshire’s southernmost resort, Crotched Mountain Resort, is an excellent destination for intermediate and advanced skiers. The resort’s 1,000-foot vertical drop excites those who want challenging trails. There’s also a separate area for novice and beginning skiers and snowboarders. Crotched Mountain offers all-mountain night skiing, with 100 percent of the courses lit up. The resort also boasts three freestyle terrain parks with varying levels of difficulty. Just outside of Bennington, New Hampshire, this popular resort offers a restaurant and lodge and state-of-the-art snowmaking equipment to ensure lots of the white stuff.

Move to New Hampshire

If you love snow sports, New Hampshire is a dream destination in the winter. And if you’re planning on moving to New Hampshire, you’ll love choosing from more than a dozen ski areas within easy driving distance. 

Contact us to find out how we can help plan your move so that you can enjoy New Hampshire and the outdoors in no time.

Where to Experience Arts and Culture in Nashua, NH

Are you considering relocating to Nashua, New Hampshire? This lovely New England city is packed with things to do and see — and full of opportunities to experience local arts and culture.

New Hampshire’s second-largest city has topped several “best place to live” lists recently, and it’s not hard to see why. Nestled between two rivers and rich in history, Nashua is a great place to live, work, and play. Here are some favorite venues in which to take in local culture.

Court Street Theatre

This downtown institution has been entertaining Nashua for more than five decades. The Court Street Theatre is housed in a historic firehouse building that dates back to the mid-19th century, making every performance extra special. Here, you can catch a performance by the Peacock Players, Nashua Theater Guild, and Nashua Symphony Orchestra. With 150 seats and a full schedule of events, shows at this venue are a great way to experience local culture.

Nashua Public Library

There’s always something to do, see, or learn at the Nashua Public Library. Almost every day of the week, you’ll find activities, classes, presentations, and community gatherings, making it the perfect place to meet other Nashua residents. You can join a book club, take a class, meet with the coin club, play chess, listen to a talk, take the kids to story time, or watch a musical performance. The Nashua Library also hosts local and regional artists in its art gallery, which offers six exhibits per year.

Nashua Center for the Arts

The Nashua Center for the Arts opens its doors in April of 2023. This modern facility will host a year-round schedule of live performances, including concerts, plays, ballet recitals, and orchestral and symphony productions. Conveniently located in downtown Nashua, the Center serves as a community hub and home for the arts.

City Arts Nashua

City Arts Nashua is a volunteer-run non-profit that promotes the arts in and around Nashua. The City Arts facilitates several art and culture events throughout the year, including the annual Art Walk that turns downtown Nashua into a gallery filled with unique creations. Visit City Arts Nashua’s two locations to see artists at work.

Nashua Fine Craft Gallery

Operated by the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, the Nashua Fine Craft Gallery offers events, instruction, and a wide range of local artisans’ work. For example, you can take a basket weaving, stained glass, or jewelry-making class. Or, browse a stunning array of fine crafts, such as pottery, turned wood, blown glass, fiber and textiles, photographs, paintings, metalwork, and much more. 

The Gallery offers a series of special events throughout the year, all to promote creativity.

Art Gallery at Rivier University

Located on campus, the Rivier University Art Gallery offers exhibitions that complement the school’s programming. Exhibits change throughout the year and focus on seasonally themed art or work by local and regional artists. Admission is free.

Moving Made Easy

It’s easy (and fun) to explore the art and culture in Nashua. So, if you’re planning a move to Nashua, we can help. Contact us today to learn about our full-service moving solutions.

5 Tips to Allow Your Movers Access on Moving Day

Moving companies face challenges when gaining access to homes and apartments during a move. It is, however, possible for homeowners and renters to ensure moving crews have safe access to their property.

These tips will help you overcome the most significant barriers movers face during household moves.

1. Maintain Safe Driveways and Walkways

Things like uneven surfaces and loose rocks pose risks when accessing a home. For instance, the ground shifts, the asphalt deteriorates, and driveways can crack. Your moving estimator can take steps to deal with these situations, so point them out. These are particularly important in older neighborhoods. Reduce risks to moving crews and property by ensuring everyone is aware.

2. Remove Leaves, Snow, and Ice From the Curbside

A significant challenge during fall and winter, especially in northern states, is leaves and snow piles along the curb. 

Clearing the area will help the move go more smoothly and safely. When wet, leaves can be extremely slippery, posing a hazard to those walking on them. Even leaves that appear dry may have moisture beneath.

Having snow on the ground is an obvious obstacle, as the moving van may need help to pull close enough to the curb to allow cars to pass. The movers may also have difficulty transporting items to the truck due to snow piles. The street should be clear enough to park, and the movers must be able to reach the residence from the road.

3. Provide Street Access

Keeping a moving van on the street for extended periods may require permits in some cities and towns. Since moving vans qualify as large vehicles, you must ensure that you have the correct authorization. It may be necessary to park the moving van too far away from the moving location, or in some cases, it may not be allowed to park there at all, depending on your permit. Inquire about it with your movers.

Depending on your situation, you may need to ask neighbors ahead of time to keep the street clear to allow room for the moving truck. This applies to your current home and your new one.

4. Ensure Building Access

Generally, building management sets moving times for apartments and condos and requires movers to reserve elevators and loading dock access in advance. To ensure moves can take place smoothly, contact building management to learn about the requirements and schedule your move when loading docks and elevators are available.

5. Consider Other Factors

Look for anything that may cause a hazard along the route the movers will take between your home and the moving truck. For example, you can assist movers by pointing out hard landscaping and exposed roots. 

Remove other items before the movers arrive, such as children’s toys and downed branches.

Moving Smart

In addition to hiring movers, you can help speed up your move by ensuring safe access between your residence and the moving van. 

We will provide you with a free estimate if you plan a move. Contact us today.