5 Tips for Separating the Household During a Move

Whether you and your roommate are parting ways or going through a life change like the end of a relationship, moving will likely be involved. When you are not the sole occupant of a house, your residential move may be more complex. Take a look at a few tips that can help along the way.

1. Divvy Up Belongings Well Ahead of Moving Day

When dividing a home’s belongings into two separate groups, it will be even more important to get started earlier than usual. Set aside time, so you can work together and divide your belongings well ahead of moving time. If your move is happening as part of a divorce, it may be helpful to go through mediation first if there are disagreements about personal belongings.

You may have accumulated a sizable amount of things that you need to sort through before the move if you have lived with someone else for a long time. If you are in a hurry, you may pack something that actually belongs to the other person.

2. Plan Ahead and Inform Professional Movers of the Situation

When two people from the same household are relocating, it presents a challenge for moving companies. If you are relocating things to more than one place, you will need two moving trucks.

Some movers prefer to “split the load” or take one customer’s belongings on one day and the other on another. However, if you require a same-day relocation, make that requirement known in advance. Make sure you let your moving company representative know early in the process so they can make the necessary arrangements.

3. Sell Belongings You Purchased Together If Needed

Many couples and even roommates will purchase more expensive items together. For example, you may have jointly purchased the living room furniture.

If you have purchased items together and cannot agree on who will keep them, sell these and split the money. Millennial Money offers many good options for selling used furniture fast, such as listing items on Letgo or Offerup. You can also post items for sale on local classified pages on social media.

4. Use Different Packing Materials for Each Individual

Once you both start packing, using unique packing materials for each individual in the house is wise. For example, you could use white cardboard boxes, and the other individual can use brown packing boxes. Or you could also use two different colors of packing tape so there is no confusion about which carton belongs to what person.

In any case, label each box with the owner’s name to differentiate them. Separate and group the cartons into different areas of the home so that the movers know they must keep them separate.

5. Arrange for Storage

You might find that your new location is temporary or that you don’t have room at your new place for all of your belongings. Check with your moving company about their storage options. They might have the ideal storage options you require.

Schedule Your Moving Day Early to Get the Most Preferred Date

The process of moving and splitting up a household can be labor-intensive. Contact reliable moving companies in advance if you anticipate needing assistance with the relocation. Reach out today to get a no-obligation moving quote to get started.