Tips for Setting Up a New Home Office After a Move

Home offices are more important than ever. With over 40% of the labor force working from home, many people now have home offices where they can get work done in the safety and comfort of their own home. If you’re moving into a new home, then you have a perfect opportunity to make your home office everything you want it to be. These tips can help you set up a home office that is just right for your needs.

Choose the Right Room

Choose a room that has the qualities that you’re looking for in a home office. Below are some of the characteristics you should consider when deciding which room is suitable for your home office.

  • Privacy – Choose a room that offers sufficient privacy to conduct business.
  • View – Look for a room with a window, perhaps one with a view of your front or backyard. Natural sunlight has physical and mental health benefits. 
  • Size – Most home offices are relatively small, but you may need something larger or even a waiting area if you accept clients at your home.

Paint It

Maybe the paint in your new home office is sufficient, but if you didn’t pick the color yourself and it doesn’t suit you, consider painting it. Choose a color that you find relaxing and conducive to work. Painting the room will help it feel new and fresh and more fully your own.

Install Proper Office Furniture

You might have started working from home with an old desk and inexpensive chair. Still, if you’re planning to work from home regularly, then you should have appropriate office furniture that’s comfortable and ergonomic. It’s also essential to have proper office storage to avoid losing things and ensure that you can find the file folders you need when you need them.

Go shopping for proper office furniture. You might need to invest in a desk that’s more sophisticated than anything you ever imagined for yourself. This is your opportunity to set up an ideal workspace. Spending a little more now can save you money in the future, as good quality office furniture may last longer. You are investing in yourself.

Personalize It

Do something to your office to make it more personal for you. Decorate the room with indoor plants to add tranquility and naturalness. Add in some pictures or decor that you find beautiful and inspiring, or install some new furniture that is comfortable for lounging, even though you might not need it. Make the room a place that you wouldn’t mind spending quiet time, even outside work hours.

Manage the Wires

A home office often has many cords and cables running through it. From power cables to charging cords, you have a lot to coordinate.

Invest in figuring out a cord management system to tame those wires. Depending on where your outlets are, you might need to use power strips and extension cords as well. With so many cords strung throughout your office, you will want to make sure you find a way to do it safely. (like with cord covers).

Here are some tips for managing your cables:

  • Get wireless devices
  • Bundle the cables
  • Use power strips
  • Use a mounted power strip
  • Manage the disorder with cable covers

When your cords are in order, it helps increase productivity, positivity, and creative thinking in your at-home work environment.

Moving Soon? Hire the Right Moving Company

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