A Mover’s Guide to Packing Your Bed Linens

By their very nature, bed linens are among the less challenging things in your home to pack. But, even though they aren’t delicate like your fine china, it’s still essential to take care when packing them for your household move

It’s essential to take measures to control their weight and bulkiness and protect them from harmful elements. If you’re packing your home for an upcoming relocation, these tips can help.

Use Medium-to-Large Boxes

Bed linens are surprisingly heavy and bulky when piled together in one spot. Linens placed in a box together can be challenging to move, especially if the box is too big. At the same time, you’d need quite a few small boxes to house all the bed linens in your home. When packing your linens, choose boxes that are medium to large. Look for boxes that are large enough to fit more than one set of linens at a time but not so large that you have a hard time lifting the box when filled with sheets and blankets.

Control Weight With Pillows

Does it seem like the box you’re packing is getting to be a little too heavy? Fill the rest of the space in the box with a light-weight pillow. These snuggly household items tend to be less dense than other linens and, therefore, less weighty.

Pack Linens One Room At a Time

Pack all the linens for your master bedroom in one box, the linens for your child’s room in another box, and linens for your guest room in a third box, etc. Packing your linens room-by-room makes the unpacking process more manageable, especially if the linens are kept in the room where they’re used.

Line the Boxes with Packing Paper

Line the linens box with packing paper to prevent insects and moisture from damaging your sheets and blankets. Once you place the last linen in the box, put a piece of packing paper over the top of the box before closing it up.

Label the Boxes

Label the boxes indicating what they contain. Include the person’s name to whom the linens belong and what kind of linens are in the box. Precise and accurate labeling is essential if you’re planning to dig your linens out of the box quickly after moving so you can set up your bed that first night.

Use the Same Procedure For Towels

Use the same procedure to pack towels as you used to pack linens. Divide the towels up by the bathrooms you will use them in or by color if that is important to you. Label the boxes correctly, and use packing paper to protect the towels while they’re in the box.

Get Help From a Reputable Moving Company

The simplest way to move is to get help from a moving company. We’re here to help with your relocation. To get a quote for your relocation, call today to make an appointment. We’ll be happy to assess how much stuff you’re moving and provide a quote for moving to your new home.