Ultimate Unpacking Guide for Making Your New House a Home

The post-move chaos can be overwhelming for even a person experienced with relocating. With mountains of boxes, nothing in its place, and a lot to do, it can be a little hard to feel at home after a household move. However, with a few quick tips, you can quickly transform your new place to live into a home. Here’s a step-by-step unpacking strategy that turns the chaos of moving boxes into a well-organized, cozy home to ensure the post-move phase is enjoyable and efficient.

Step 1: Unbox with Purpose

Unpack your must-haves first. Home is where you have your essential items on hand to handle your everyday needs. Therefore, the faster you get your necessities out and accessible, the more you feel at home. Make it a priority to unpack items you know you will be looking for in the first few days, such as:

  • Clothing and accessories in your bedrooms
  • Health and beauty items in your bathrooms
  • Kitchenware and dishes in the kitchen
  • Food and drinks

Step 2: From Chaos to Coziness

Next, focus on items you usually have around your home that make you feel comfortable. The definition of “comfort” can look different for each individual. However, a few items around the general home that usually bring a sense of comfort and coziness include:

  • Familiar bedding
  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Area rugs
  • Towels
  • Home fragrance items
  • Certain types of lighting
  • Kitchen linens

Step 3: Unpacking Joy

Think about the items you still have packed up that were always a source of joy in your old house. MyDomaine offers a list of items to bring into your home that could make the space feel more joyful. This list may help you remember what is still tucked away in boxes.

For example, maybe having your crafting supplies out and ready to use always made you happy. Or, perhaps you were particularly joyful every time you saw that funky chair/picture/figurine you’ve always adored. Scout out these items and get them out and in your field of vision as soon as possible.

Step 4: Home Sweet Home

You will feel a little more at home with your necessities, creature comforts, and joy-inducing items in the new house. However, there is one more step to make the new dwelling truly feel like yours. Unpack your “home sweet home” items. These belongings in your collection are unequivocal symbols that you are home. These belongings may not be necessities, but they are tangible symbols of the place where you feel you belong, such as:

  • Family photos and heirlooms, such as framed pictures and treasured gifts
  • Personalized decorative pieces, such as the monogrammed welcome sign or cutting board engraved with your favorite recipe
  • Familiar welcome mats and window treatments
  • Hand-selected or hand-made items that represent your personality

Get Help as You Make the Transition

The trek from one home to the next can involve a lot of emotions. However, being stressed about the physical aspects of actually moving should not be one of them. If you are facing your next move, contact our team for insight, information, and a free, no-obligation moving quote to get started.