5 Tips for Overcoming Packing Procrastination

Assessing your home and looking through your belongings to pack and move to a new location can be overwhelming. If you aren’t careful, the enormity of the task can often lead to procrastination. To help overcome packing procrastination, here are a few tips to help along the way.

Tip 1: Set Clear Goals and Deadlines

The first step in overcoming packing procrastination is to set clear goals and deadlines. Without specific targets, it’s easy to keep postponing the task. Begin by determining your desired move-out date and work backward to create a detailed timeline. Incorporate deadlines that clearly show when you need to complete packing in each home area—having a clear roadmap of what you need to do and when can be a motivating factor to negate procrastination.

Tip 2: Organize

Before packing, do what you can to organize and declutter your belongings. This streamlines the process and helps you decide your essentials. Start with the most straightforward items to declutter, such as old magazines or clothes you no longer wear. Going through this process builds momentum and makes it easier to tackle sentimental items later. If you have stuff you just can’t let go of, consider packing those items together and storing them. Check with your moving company for short- and long-term storage options.

Tip 3: Create a Detailed Daily Packing Schedule

Having a well-structured packing schedule day by day is crucial for you to stay on track and avoid procrastination. Use your original plans to create a checklist of each day’s packing tasks and schedule a session. In other words, decide when your packing tasks must occur, such as between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. or for three hours after breakfast. Set aside dedicated, uninterrupted packing time and eliminate distractions such as your phone or TV during these sessions.

Tip 4: Enlist Help If Needed

The average home contains at least 300,000 items, and this can be an overwhelming amount of stuff to pack. If you have more to contend with than you can reasonably handle, enlist some help. Get other household members on board to pack their own spaces or help with communal areas. Ask friends and relatives to come over to help pack, and offer to buy them dinner for their efforts. It may also be a good idea to look for a full-service moving company that offers packing services.

Tip 5: Visualization and Positive Mindset

Professional athletes, CEOs, and everyday people use positive visualization to help them achieve significant goals. Maintaining a positive mindset and visualizing your completed, organized space can motivate you to conquer packing procrastination. Visualize your desired outcome while acknowledging potential obstacles to boost your motivation. Use positive affirmations like “I am organized and efficient” to reinforce a positive mindset during packing.

Take Another Step in the Right Direction

With a clear plan, you can overcome packing procrastination, making your move efficient and stress-free. Remember, the key is to start early, stay organized, and maintain a positive outlook. Take another step in the right direction by scheduling your professional movers in advance.