5 Ways to Avoid Procrastinating Your Moving Tasks

Preparing for a residential move can be challenging, especially when completing everything takes weeks or months. It can be easy to put it off until closer to moving day.

Of course, procrastination can be a problem. For example, you can’t postpone your move date because you aren’t ready.

Here are five ways to minimize procrastination for your moving tasks.

1. Set Reasonable Goals

Many people procrastinate because they feel overwhelmed. For example, if your goals are too ambitious, you might notice that you procrastinate because you feel like you can’t reach them.

Set goals that you can achieve. Assume that you will have occasional setbacks. Revisit your moving schedule, and make changes if your original plan isn’t sustainable.

2. Make a Choice

Sometimes, decision paralysis is the first step to procrastination. However, creating a set of simple choices could be an easy way out.

Pick two moving tasks that you need to accomplish. Give yourself the option to do one first and the other later. If you dread a particular task, consider breaking it up into pieces.

When you select options, ensure each is similar in complication or time. That way, you’re not setting yourself up to fail a particular task.

3. Plan an Incentive

Most people feel accomplished when they finish a task. It’s even better to give yourself a little incentive to keep going.

Build in a few prizes for making good progress. They don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

For example, reward a solid week of packing with a day off to do something you enjoy. Aim for incentives that help to refresh you for the work you still need to do.

4. Prepare For Delays

When making a moving checklist, you might not anticipate delays. At the beginning of the process, the excitement of moving may make it seem like nothing could go wrong. But, of course, things can and will go wrong.

It’s better to build in time for delays. For example, you might run out of boxes and need a day or two to get more. Or, packing a particular room could take longer than you expect.

Set reasonable benchmarks for progress, and leave a cushion if you can. You’ll find it easier to catch up that way.

5. Start Fresh

You will have days when your procrastination wins, and you don’t get as much done as you plan. The next day, it’s better to start fresh.

Avoid rehashing everything that you did wrong. Focusing on mistakes can create a negative feedback loop, making it even harder to motivate yourself.

Instead, treat each day as a new opportunity to complete items on your list. Give yourself the space you need to begin with optimism.

Get Moving Help

Moving is a complicated set of tasks, and procrastinating is easy. These tips can help. Contact us for more information about scheduling your upcoming move. We can help take care of things and reduce your anxiety.