5 Tips on How to Prepare Your Teens for a Move

People move for many reasons— a new job, living closer to family, or a change of climate, to name a few. Regardless of the reasons, moving almost always comes with some stress. For a teen, there are complex challenges adults sometimes overlook.

Let’s face it; the teen years are challenging due to rapid physical development and significant emotional changes. There’s a lot to deal with between homework, peer pressure, social stresses, and many other things in a teen’s life. It can be overwhelming when you add relocating to a new community to that list. So if you have teenagers, help them through what is likely to be a difficult time for them.

1. Discuss the Move With Your Teen

Teenagers can be pretty reasonable if they feel they have the ability to share their opinions and input. This is true even if they don’t like what’s going on. Even if a move has to happen and they don’t like it, allowing them to vent their feelings is a good emotional release. Be sure you honestly explain why relocation is necessary and acknowledge the timing probably isn’t great for them. This way, your teen understands and gives them time to adjust, prepare, and accept what will happen soon.

2. Keep Discussions Positive

Moving is tough on everyone, so keep a positive tone and highlight the good things about the new community, house, and other changes. Acknowledge and validate your teen’s feelings. Even if you receive pushback, avoid discussions that ultimately lead to “Well, get over it, we’re moving, and that’s that.” Flip the switch, thank them for sharing their thoughts and feelings, and acknowledge that a new school and neighborhood feel scary. Doing so creates a safe space and encourages positive discussion.

3. Provide Options

Most teens want to feel and be treated like a grownup. Now is an excellent chance to allow them a little control. If any areas are flexible, let them decide. If there are choices, you can let them decide.

  • Bedroom they want
  • School to attend (albeit this might not be an option, but if it is, let them have input)
  • A part-time job they might want to work
  • Gym to buy a family membership

Sometimes offering a little empowerment can go a long way.

4. Avoid Moving Mid-Semester

Being the new kid in school will be hard enough so avoid moving in the middle of the year. Starting fresh at the beginning of the school year will help ease into a new situation. This way, your teen has time to settle in and not have to jump into classes in the middle of a semester where social circles have already formed. This makes for an easier transition.

5. Emphasize the Possibilities

Reputations matter in a teen’s life. Remind them that moving is a unique chance to reinvent and present themselves as the person they want to be known to the new people they meet. Essentially, they’ll be in the driver’s seat when it comes to getting acclimated to a new place. They can join different clubs or try out a new sport. The possibilities are endless!

Moving Made Easy

Navigating change is tough for an adult; however, for teens, it’s essential to acknowledge and help them to adjust to change.

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