How to Set Up Home Utilities Before Moving In

Relocation day brings many variables to consider, but one of the most important is ensuring that you’ll have working utilities when you arrive at your new home or apartment. Without electricity, running water, or garbage service, it’ll be hard to enjoy your new place. Fortunately, getting your utilities set up is pretty straightforward. Let’s break down the various steps involved. 

Step One: Determine Your Providers

The first step to setting up new utilities is to find out who will be in charge of your service. Look up the different utilities (e.g., electricity, water, and garbage) and add your new town if you’re unsure. For example, you can look up electric services in Los Angeles. Be sure to know all of the utilities you’ll need, including: 

  • Electricity
  • Water and Sewer
  • Internet
  • Natural Gas
  • Garbage

For example, water and garbage might be part of your rent if you’re moving into an apartment. However, if you’re moving into a house, you’ll have to set up everything yourself. 

Step Two: Figure Out if You’re Transferring or Starting New Service

If you’re moving across town, you might be able to use the same company for your utilities. In that case, you just have to transfer the service from one address to another. However, if you’re moving out of state or to a new country, you’ll have to set up utilities with brand-new companies. 

In either case, you’ll need to provide the utility company with your date of cancellation and new start date for service. Realistically, you want to have these dates overlap a little bit for some extra safety. This way, if anything shifts or changes with your moving plans, you’re not stuck without service in either location.

So, for example, if you’re planning on moving on the first of the month, you can set your cancellation date for the third and your new start date for the last day of the previous month (provided the previous owners have canceled their services and vacated.) When doing this, make sure to ask if you’ll have to pay any extra fees for adding a few days. If so, you might need to limit the overlap, so you don’t spend more than necessary. 

Step Three: Double-Check Your Utilities on Moving Day

As you’re moving into your new place, be sure to test all of your utility services. Most of these will be easy to check, as you can turn on the faucet or a light switch. However, keep in mind that the previous owners might still have service, so just because something is working doesn’t mean that the utility is under your name. Instead, call your utility provider to verify that your account is set up for your new address. While this step may seem redundant, it’s better to be sure than to experience an outage because of a lack of service. 

Step Four: Don’t Forget to Cancel Your Old Utilities

After your stuff is moved to your new home or apartment, be sure to call your old provider to verify that your account is canceled. If you’re transferring service from one address to the next, you don’t have to do this step. Again, this process might seem redundant, but you don’t want to wind up with a bill for service that you’re not receiving. 

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