How to Turn Your Office Move into a Marketing Opportunity

You may be moving your office for one of several reasons. For example, you may have outgrown the space, the landlord may have raised your rent too much, or you want an office in a different part of town or an entirely new area. Whatever the reason for your move, you can leverage the relocation as a marketing opportunity.

Opportunity to Rebrand

A new office provides an opportunity for a fresh start, which often means rebranding. Take a look at your logo; if you haven’t updated it in several years, it may be due for a refresh.

Your website and all your other collateral are updated, as well. Avoid the temptation to cut costs when printing new collateral pieces; these items influence a potential customer’s first impression of your brand.

Reach Out to Customers

While your new offices are being readied, use the time to communicate one-on-one with each customer through email, snail-mail, and phone calls. Explain how your move puts you into a position to meet their needs better now and in the future.

Update Online Profiles

Use the move as an excuse to update social media and online profiles. For example, rather than just updating your office location on your Website, announce the move with great fanfare, creating a special landing page with information on the new site. Interact with customers frequently during the process by posting photos of the new office being prepared.

Develop a Content Marketing Plan

Develop a robust content strategy to bring customers to your website to learn about your move and about how your business can help them. Explain the reasons for your move and how the new location will help you. Write blog topics of interest to your customers that demonstrate how your product or service can solve a problem they may be experiencing.

Incorporate search engine optimization into your blog strategy. People who don’t communicate with you may still be looking for you. Being accessible online is essential to their being able to find you during and after the transition.

Arrange For Signage 

Signage needs vary by location. Find a signage expert near your new place and follow their suggestions to draw attention to your new site.

Re-energize Your Staff

Your staff is a vital part of your marketing as well. Your employees are often the potential customer’s first contact with your firm. If they are enthusiastic about your brand, customers are much more likely to be as well.

Employees will be energized if they are engaged. When you’re beginning the process of finding a new office, ask them what they’d like to see in the new space. Take their suggestions seriously.

If their work is apt to be disrupted during the move, consider letting your staff telecommute for the first a bit. And help them become acquainted with the new office neighborhood quickly by supplying lists of restaurants, gyms, and child care nearby.

Hire Professional Office Movers

One of the worst things that could happen during this time is to announce a moving date and have difficulties meeting that. Professional movers with experience in commercial moves can help ensure you’ll be in your new office, ready to serve your customers, when your marketing materials say you will.

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