Moving? Make the Most of Your House-Hunting Trip

Are you prepping for a household move with your family? House-hunting, whether in-person or virtual, is arguably one of the most critical steps in planning your relocation. This step serves several purposes in addition to selecting the house itself. 

If you plan an in-person visit to find your home, here are some things to consider when coordinating your trip.

Research Online 

Before you travel to your potential new city to look for houses, get online to gather information about the possible areas you want to look at once you arrive. Narrow down your selected neighborhoods. Then search and compare properties before you head out. Find a real estate agent that specializes in relocation situations.

Explore the Area

Before you can determine which neighborhood best meets your needs, it’s essential to get to know the community when you arrive. Drive around on day one, paying close attention to amenities, culture, and the proximity of each community to services you use most often. Consider which neighborhoods offer the things on your priority list, like the shortest commute or a sense of community.

Visit Properties

Share your housing needs, wants, and dislikes with a realtor and obtain preapproval before the trip. Keep an eye on local listings in advance so you can let your realtor know which properties are most aligned with your preferences. Ask your realtor to schedule viewings (to the homes you’ve shared and properties they identify as good) during the site visit. Be prepared to make an offer while you’re there so you can work through the details in person.

Scout Schools

If you have children in the school system, request a tour of local schools while you’re on site. Get as much information during those appointments as possible so you’re able to make an informed decision and plan ahead. If you have children with special needs, be sure to consider the availability of services in the area and each educational institution.

Visit Daycare Options

If you have children in daycare (or a child on the way), be sure to visit childcare centers while you’re in the area. You may find that you need to be added to a waiting list in advance,  available spots are only in certain neighborhoods, or learn that daycare costs are dramatically more or less than you expected – all factors that may impact your house hunt as well.

Consider Medical Needs 

While most people are comfortable living anywhere with a clinic and an ER, some people have particular medical conditions requiring quick access to specialist services like kidney dialysis, dermatologists, or chemotherapy. If anyone in your household has special medical needs, be sure to explore these services’ availability in your target area. The house-hunting trip is a perfect time to do it.

Follow Up

Stay in contact with your real estate agent. They can let you know if your offer was accepted and what the next steps are. Your specialized relocation agent can also help coordinate inspections, refer you to companies to help with cleaning or repairs, and can coordinate a long-distance house closing.

Make the Right Move

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