Making the New House Home: Tips for Settling into a New Place Quicker

Census data tells us that the average person will transition to a new home about 11 times in their lifetime. While moving from one place to the next is common, the emotional attachment we have to our homes can make every change a bit tough. It’s entirely possible to feel a little homesick for your old place after your move. Once you have all your belongings in your new home, it can still feel a bit like you’re living in someone else’s house for a few weeks, if not longer.

Feeling at home where you live gives us a sense of comfort, so you’ll no doubt want to move through the period where you feel out of place as quickly as possible. 

Here are some tips to help your new house feel like home quicker.

1. Unpack your personal mementos first.

Personal items help to make you feel at home. Unique things like a collection of family photos or a special set of china or knick-knacks given to you by loved ones, or a particular painting you’ve had for years should be opened and put away first. Surround yourself with your precious mementos first. Surround yourself with your personal belongings because they have such a great sentimental value and help make your new home more comfortable.

2. Make your new place smell like home.

Our sense of smell is very stimulating and therapeutic. Unpacking can be a daunting task. Help yourself relax and relieve stress by:

  •  Lighting your favorite candle
  • Spraying your new home with your favorite room spray while you are unpacking
  • Baking a batch of your favorite cookies
  • Playing some of your favorite music and sing along!
  • Buying a bouquet of your favorite sweet-smelling flowers and put them in every room 

3. Give your windows a familiar makeover.

Windows are a focal point in most rooms, especially in an unfamiliar dwelling. Make sure your windows have a familiar appearance if you want to feel at home quicker. Try recreating a particular window dressing with your favorite curtain panels, valances, or sheers.

4. Get some greenery to add warmth.

Fresh plants can perk up a new home and make you feel better. Perhaps you weren’t able to bring your plants along from your previous home. It’s time to replenish your plants and fill your new home with greenery. 

Not only do plants freshen up a room and add some style and a sense of home, but they also help purify the air. Potted plants or fresh cut flowers brighten everything from the dining table to the kitchen and bathroom counters.

5. Keep a routine as much as possible.

Keeping a routine amid a move can sound impossible, but you can usually complete certain aspects of your routine despite all the commotion. For example, if you typically get up at a particular time, have a cup of coffee, and take a shower, force yourself through these common objectives daily. 

Unpack your coffee maker, your alarm clock, and shower necessities to make it possible. The more you work those small familiarities into your schedule in a new house, the more your surroundings can feel like a familiar place.

Professional Movers Help Make the Transition into Your New Home Fast and Easy

Professional movers don’t just move furniture—they move people and are family-focused. Pro movers enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them. Often they can be compared with designers because they have so much experience being in homes. They can walk into a room and know instantly where each piece of furniture should be placed. Feel welcomed to ask them if you are unsure. You will be pleasantly surprised by the suggestions they will offer.

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