Tips to Make It Easier On Professional Movers, So You Experience a Smooth Move

Hiring professional movers before your household move can definitely take the sting out of the moving process. However, you can do a few things to make it easier for the movers in the process. 

The easier things are for the professionals as they work to get you packed up and on your way, the quicker and smoother the move goes overall. Check out just a few useful tips to keep in mind to make things much easier on the moving team when they get to your home on moving day.

1. Color Code Your Packed Boxes

Have your boxes completely packed, labeled,  and ready when the movers arrive.

Color-coding your packed boxes is simple. Just pick up some colored labels, markers, or packing tape and assign a specific color to each room. Give the movers a color chart to show them which color is posted to each room at your new home. This way, they will be able to unload them in the proper location.

2. Make Arrangements for Children and Pets

Professional movers will be mindful of your pets and, of course, your children. Nevertheless, making arrangements for both kids and pets can keep things simple while the movers do their work. You may want to consider:

  • Designating a particular room with a door where your pets can stay during the move
  • Having a designated adult on-site to keep smaller children occupied or finding a sitter for the day
  • Using a leash to contain an outdoor dog or a crate for outdoor cats, so they’re not running in the house

3. Driveway Access

Clear your driveway before the movers arrive. Park your vehicle in the street or somewhere other than your driveway. This will prevent it from being blocked in by the moving van when it comes. With your car out of the way, it will provide the movers more space to work.

As a courtesy, notify your neighbors about your moving schedule. Ask for their cooperation before moving day and request that they not park their vehicles in front of your home during the scheduled move. Advise them about when the movers are expected to arrive and how long the truck will likely be there.  

Do the same at your new house if possible. If your move is local, visit your new home before moving day and let your new neighbors know about the moving truck schedule. They are sure to appreciate the courtesy.

4. Create and Retain Clear Pathways Throughout the House

The moving process can mean you have a mess for sure—that’s expected. If possible, try to keep a clear, open pathway throughout the house so the movers can easily get in, get your items, and carry those items through the house to the truck.

The same goes for the outdoor space. Make sure the sidewalks are clear, and there are no obstructions like low-hanging branches. 

5. Remember to Disconnect, Unplug, Prepare, Empty (D.U.P.E.)

When the pros show up to get things started, it is best if they can come in and simply start taking things out. If they have to stop and wait for you to do something like empty the fridge or if they have to disconnect certain things on their own, the process takes much more time. Prepare your appliances, electronics, and large furniture pieces by remembering the acronym D.U.P.E:

  • Disconnect – Take the time to disconnect appliances. For example, disconnect the water hoses and drain hoses on your washing machine and secure them.
  • Unplug – Unplug appliances and electronics. Contain electrical cords by rolling them up and securing them with a wire tie or rubber band.
  • Prepare – Prepare large furniture pieces and appliances for the move by disassembling where needed, securing doors closed, and removing parts that could be in the way.
  • Empty – Take the time to empty things out of appliances and large furniture pieces where necessary. For example, remove the contents in your wardrobe, entertainment center, and refrigerator.

Time for Your Smooth Move

With a little forethought and crafty planning, your time spent being served by professional movers will go as seamlessly as possible. Reach out for a quote today. We can help with your residential move.