Prepping Children for a Long-Distance Move

Moving is overwhelming for most people. This is especially the case for children making a long-distance move and leaving behind everything they’ve ever known.

We have gathered a list of suggestions for prepping your kids for an upcoming long-distance move.

Promote the Positive

Share your excitement about this next chapter in your family’s life. It’s tough for kids to be enthusiastic about a new home if they’re not convinced that you’re excited too. Avoid complaining about the stress of moving when they are around because they will regard moving as an adverse event.

Discuss fun activities they can pursue in your new community after the move. 

Explore Through a Virtual Tour

Register them up for local activities where they can meet others their age to explore their hobbies and talents.

Use technology to explore not only your new home from afar through virtual tours of the house itself, but use Google Maps to tour your new street, neighborhood, and community. Being able to see where they are headed will help them feel more comfortable when they actually arrive.

Scope out local parks, playgrounds, sports fields, museums, and other local attractions. Help them get excited about the new activities that await them.

Viewing their new community through a virtual tour will help them visualize themselves living there. The goal is to make the move feel less intimidating.

Allow Them Some Control

Let your kids help you pack at least some of their things. This way it, won’t feel like you’re throwing their life into boxes, and they won’t ever see their stuff again. Label the boxes so that you can prioritize the unpacking when you get to your new home.

As you pack up, make sure that your kids have some of their favorite things available to them. Leave out items that provide security to your kids. Whether it’s a few favorite stuffed animals, cherished toys, or comforting books, make sure some things they love can stay with them to provide entertainment and comfort while making the trip.

Pack your kids their own personal essentials bag. Use a small backpack for the items they need to have with them throughout the trip. With a long-distance move, the moving truck might not arrive at your new home for a couple of days, so pack another box with clothes, supplies, and other favorite items to get your children through this time. This larger essentials box will stay with you in the car when you arrive at your new home. 

Plan Some Activities

When preparing for a long-distance move, it’s wise to make some plans for activities to do while traveling.  It’s challenging to keep kids entertained during a long-distance trip to your new home. 

Your kids will have selected items for their essentials backpacks, but you should also put together some additional activities or car games.  Identify activities they won’t get bored with quickly and that don’t require a lot of supervision or assistance.

Bring along tried and true favorite activities but bring a couple of new ones to add to the mix so they can rotate with a variety of and avoid getting bored as quickly.

Discuss Staying Connected

Talk with your kids about various ways they can stay connected to your current neighborhood and friends. 

Exchange phone numbers and social media information with current friends and neighbors so that you can keep in touch.

Take lots of photos to maintain the memories.

Long-Distance Move

Listening to your kids about their fears and feelings and providing support will help them deal better with a long-distance move. Need help with your move logistics? Contact us for a virtual survey and quote.